Tips to improve Focus pt.2

So you all know, I have to give credit where it is due. The inspiration for these posts on focus came from a man I recently began looking up to named Mike Bledsoe. He is one of the creators of the podcast Barbell Shrugged, and his side project is Bledsopia – where he talks about everything you could possibly think of.

Ok, where was I? Focus…
Like I said on the last post, whatever it is that was distracting you before, can probably wait. Today’s helpful hint is made possible by our friends who created the iPhone. 
When you really need to get things done, the best thing to do is turn that thing off, right? Not so much.
If you find yourself having a hard time doing that, learn to employ the “Do not Disturb” function in the iPhone. When activated, the phone gives off no indication of incoming phone calls, or messages, but gives you the convenience of being able to get to it later…WHEN IT MATTERS!
You can even program this function to allow certain phone calls to come through normally. All that person has to do is call you back within a three minute window, and your phone will ring. History shows that if something is important, you will probably get a phone call, and not a text message. I currently have my wife, and some colleagues from work set under my favorites, so when the call me twice in a row, the phone will ring as normal. 
So, when at the gym, doing homework, or having a conversation with your loved ones, give them the attention they deserve. You’ll be surprised, once you get used to using this, those things that used to make you lose your train of thought wont matter so much anymore.

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