Being Unafraid

Every journey in life, no matter how great the distance, will always begin with one step. Recently, I have found myself energized, and inspired by men who have courageously made the decision to dedicate their lives to the pursuit of helping others. I wonder, what am I waiting for?

For the past two years I have spent countless hours making an impact on the lives of young recruits going through Basic Combat Training here in Fort Benning, GA. I have always had a passion for leading others, but the opportunity to serve as a Drill Sergeant meant doing so on a much larger scale. I went from being responsible for 8-12 Soldiers, to indoctrinating, transforming, and empowering around 60 Civilians turned Soldier over the course of nine weeks. There were times when I was overly stressed, and my family would get to see me about once a week. However, as time passed, I grew more effective in my mentorship, but more importantly, my time, stress, and focus management.

By my second year “on the trail” (how we refer to the time spent as a Drill Sergeant), I was a full time student taking online courses, I had adjusted my goals to better serve my family, and had strengthened my relationship with my wife and two sons; particularly my youngest son, Mateo.

So I ask myself, what’s the next step? Recently my hobby has been learning how the human body is supposed to function so I can optimize my performance. One of the men I look up to in this Genetic Potential movement is Brian Mackenzie, the author of Power Speed Endurance. When he speaks of running, he mentions that running is falling forward, shifting supports, and keeping your forward momentum, letting gravity do most of the work. He talks about being unafraid of falling, and how that has guided him on the path toward writing his book. Well, it’s time that I be unafraid.

This project that I am starting, The Warrior Family, will be a network of people who, first of all, are awesome, and have taken a no excuses attitude toward giving their families their own identity, while empowering them to become the best that they could be. I often hear people complain about the generation that social media and technology is producing…last I checked, there are no robots changing diapers in my house! I plan to develop a common place where families that I know are successful, have a passion for progress, and promote fitness, can visit to provide support for families of “our” generation, or even younger. Why shouldn’t your kids be smart, fit, and freaking awesome? Maybe, if we can share lessons learned, exchange ideas of what worked and what didn’t, we can help other get strong, smart, so that they too can help others!

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