“Discipline is the bridge between goals and their accomplishment.”

This afternoon I was looking for some inspirational guidance that I can give to my subordinate leaders. In doing so I was scrolling through some notes that I made on my phone, and found the above quote. Little did I realize, the fact that the quote was in my phone in the first place is the total embodiment of the statement in itself.

I can’t honestly remember where I heard the quote, I only know that I’ve made it a habit to record voice notes when I’m listening to an audiobook or podcast while driving. I try to make it a habit to introduce inspirational material every day, first thing, while on my way to work. This daily practice in itself is a discipline that has paid dividends over the past four years. I’ve mentioned previously that it is of great importance to be on a constant pursuit of excellence. What better way than to surround yourself with the vocabulary of motivation, one which sets no boundaries for you, one which is often the opposite of what we unfortunately surround ourselves with on a daily basis?

The end of 2016, going into 2017, has been an extraordinary time for me. I attribute much of the success to the daily disciplines, and habits that I have exercised consistently – Much like the one mentioned above. So, ask yourself, what things are you doing on a daily basis to bring you closer to excellence? My commander commended me recently for doing what he calls, “The routine things routinely.” 

To further illustrate my point, I am dictating this post to my phone while I make spaghetti as my wife comes home from baseball practice with my three boys. Yes, three.

I figure I would stop holding myself to the unattainable standard of back to back epics, and get back to my passion – that is, communicating with a population of people who have a shared insight on what it means to be a great person, a person of influence. 

Expect more of these hip-pocket, random, minimal correction style posts.

Until next time,

Make the effort, do your part. Fight to make your family better!

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