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Quit Stalling! : Re-define success and regain your momentum

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb

When we were growing up, we were always asked “What do you wanna be when you’re an adult?” A fireman, an astronaut, the President, an Army guy…we would come up with the most amazing dreams. We could easily visualize ourselves achieving these great feats when we were children. So, let me ask you, what are you now?

If your answer is different from what you remember dreaming about as a kid, this could be due to several reasons:

  1. Your interests have changed
  2. You don’t believe you can do it
  3. You let others talk you out of it
  4. You are no longer your priority
  5. You gave up

Yeah, I know that sounds rough, but it’s ok. I wanted to share these thoughts because, for a while, I felt the same way too. However, from spending so much time helping others grow, I realized that I needed to take a step back and give myself a hard look. I had to ask myself again, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” When I realized that I was no longer moving toward any of my previous goals, or toward any goal for that matter, I had to ask myself, why? After some hard self assessment, these are some of the answers I came up with, and at first glance, it seems I have failed to reach any level of success – but I was wrong.

Friends, for quite some time I have spent hours studying, analyzing, and discussing with others, what exactly qualifies as success? How do we get there? Here are some things that I have learned that have fired me up, and have put me back on the right path.

First, no great person achieved anything by merely thinking about it. Nor, is there such a thing as an overnight success. As with everything great in life, hard work is the answer. I remember telling my son that we should never be hungry for immediate gratification for what we do. The greatest achievements in life are earned through years of dedication, and devotion to ones passion. I used the example given by Thomas A. Edison when discussing the amount of time it took him to invent the light bulb. He stated,

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Would we say that he was unsuccessful?

Author, and former power lifter Chris Moore uses music to further explain this. In one of his podcast’s (check out the Barbell Buddha Podcast), he mentions that we often spend too much time focusing on the ending, the point of gratification. This would be the same as attending a concert, or listening to a song, just to hear the ending – it makes no sense! It is the sweet melodies, the notes, the rises and falls that make music beautiful, and exciting. Why would we not look at life this way? My interpretation of success made it easy for me so feel as if I had failed, when in fact, I had only scratched the surface. When I would see this failure, the desire to quit entirely would often become overwhelming, and I know this is the case for many others.

So, why do we fail to reach success?

One of the main reasons we fail to reach success is because, as I stated before, we treat it as an ending, instead of a process. Just because I’m not the President of my company today, doesn’t mean I won’t be there eventually. As long as I live each individual day to the fullest, keep the end in mind, but work and live in the present, I have succeeded that day! This, my friends, is progress.

Like I mentioned in our last post, you climb a mountain one step at a time. If you try to look up at the tippy-top the entire time, you can grow dizzy, and faint; but if you focus, and take one hard step at a time, you will eventually get to the top. Times will get hard, and you may lose ground from time to time, this is OK. Remember,

“Yesterday ended last night” – John C. Maxwell

When you get a chance at a new day, tackle it with more intensity, and focus – that will make it a successful day. In the future, those days will be viewed by others as your lifetime, so treat each one as if it were special.

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Breakfast is for Champions!

A good man by the name of Chris Moore recently taught me a good life lesson… Slow down, and enjoy your morning coffee.

This is something that I have always done on my way to work, but recently I have been given a unique opportunity. For the past two weeks I have been attending a fitness course provided by the Army, which has left my mornings free up until 0800. So, one thing that I take great enjoyment in is actually cooking a meal for my kids.
I remember growing up, I’d have a nutter butter chocolate wafer bar, and a cup of coffee for breakfast (this was back in the fifth grade!). About half way through the day, I’d be falling asleep during class, and would have very little energy or desire to do anything afterward. Looking back, I was clearly not getting the right food in my body.
My two boys are far more active than I was as a kid. After school, they have run club, followed by a short break, and then it’s off to MMA/Jiu Jitsu. By the time they get home, they have burned a ridiculous amount of calories.
So, if I’m going to preach to them about training hard, doing their best, and living like a champion, I have to feed them like one.
Not only does this get them all of the nutrients they need to energize their bodies during the day, but it serves sort of a rejuvenating purpose for me as well.
It brings me great pride to provide for my family, but to feed them does just a little more for me. And, the whole time, I’m sipping on that nice cup o’ joe, straight Barbell Buddah style (check out his awesome Podcast ).

Try it for yourself!

So, if you get the chance during the week, or if you have to wait until the weekend, take the time and cook for your kids. Take the opportunity to show them how to provide for their future families, and to catch up on what’s going on in both of your busy lives!

If mom is the primary one doing the AM cooking, GIVE HER A BREAK! You’ll be surprised at how pleasant this, and the residual effect can be…#happywifehappylife #thewarriorfamily

To be a beast, you eat like a beast!

Make the effort, do your part, fight to make your family better.

This is what we’re all about.

Fight on friends! – The Warrior Family

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