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Breakfast is for Champions!

A good man by the name of Chris Moore recently taught me a good life lesson… Slow down, and enjoy your morning coffee.

This is something that I have always done on my way to work, but recently I have been given a unique opportunity. For the past two weeks I have been attending a fitness course provided by the Army, which has left my mornings free up until 0800. So, one thing that I take great enjoyment in is actually cooking a meal for my kids.
I remember growing up, I’d have a nutter butter chocolate wafer bar, and a cup of coffee for breakfast (this was back in the fifth grade!). About half way through the day, I’d be falling asleep during class, and would have very little energy or desire to do anything afterward. Looking back, I was clearly not getting the right food in my body.
My two boys are far more active than I was as a kid. After school, they have run club, followed by a short break, and then it’s off to MMA/Jiu Jitsu. By the time they get home, they have burned a ridiculous amount of calories.
So, if I’m going to preach to them about training hard, doing their best, and living like a champion, I have to feed them like one.
Not only does this get them all of the nutrients they need to energize their bodies during the day, but it serves sort of a rejuvenating purpose for me as well.
It brings me great pride to provide for my family, but to feed them does just a little more for me. And, the whole time, I’m sipping on that nice cup o’ joe, straight Barbell Buddah style (check out his awesome Podcast ).

Try it for yourself!

So, if you get the chance during the week, or if you have to wait until the weekend, take the time and cook for your kids. Take the opportunity to show them how to provide for their future families, and to catch up on what’s going on in both of your busy lives!

If mom is the primary one doing the AM cooking, GIVE HER A BREAK! You’ll be surprised at how pleasant this, and the residual effect can be…#happywifehappylife #thewarriorfamily

To be a beast, you eat like a beast!

Make the effort, do your part, fight to make your family better.

This is what we’re all about.

Fight on friends! – The Warrior Family

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