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And we all fall down…

A reintroduction…

For those of you curious as to what has been going on, things have been crazy in this household. It has been a period of five months now, and the family continues to work through a very complex recovery process. So, here’s the beginning to how I was injured, what resulted from the injury, and how we are pushing forward… back towards greatness.

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26 July 2015:

Much progress has been made with my team during this week’s training exercise. Everyone recieved some good training; several of the young leaders received some much needed mentorship; and we got to shoot the hell out of some machine guns—we were on fire and overall pleased with the outcome. It’s time to head home for an early birthday celebration, our boys are turning 8 and 11 this week!


Happy early birthday, brudders! All they’ve wanted since we’ve moved here was a trampoline. (It took way too long to assemble and couldn’t be enjoyed that evening.)

The following morning at home, I was feeling great. I remember planning out the day in my head: do some yard-work, get some good breakfast, work on some fitness, and take the family out somewhere nice. Mission accomplished! That is, until the fitness part. Continue reading

Is it too late for change?

Hello everyone! We hope all is well, and that you are constantly pursuing new ways to improve yourselves. This post is about a recent visit from Grandpa, and how he has made some small changes in his daily routines that have made an amazing change in his health! Enjoy!

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My, how things have changed.

Going home to Texas to visit the family…food, beer, laughs, and more food. This seemed to be the daily agenda: enjoy the fact that we were together, splurge on whatever we could, and reminisce on days past. The “splurging”, however, came with its consequences. Every time we’d go home, I would gain about 10 lbs., the Mrs. would complain about the bloat and eczema flare-ups from all the corn (tortillas and pupusas), and leave back to work to work though the added weight. It would work out okay for me, I had the military . This wasn’t the case for my father, though. Continue reading

No Excuses for Fitness

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Hey everyone, things have been going really well here at The Warrior Family. We have had a lot of new followers join us recently, and have  recently added a newsletter sign up to the website. Make sure you click on the tab above and sign up to receive updates on posts, offers like merchandise giveaways, and exclusive content for our subscribers.

What’s your excuse?

For the past month, we have been extremely busy here. We just made a trip to Texas to baptize one of my nephews, we are in the middle of relocating to the Washington, DC area, and have taken three new additions to The Warrior Family. Colin, Kenneth, and Isabel Parker have been in our lives for over seven years now. They made the trip down to Georgia to spend time with us before the move, and boy, have we been busy!

Everyday it’s something new, and this is exactly how I wanted it. You see, the Parker kids are from a small town called Murphy, NC. Since it’s summer time, and soccer season is over, they haven’t been as active as they were during the school year. Thankfully, their mom was willing to let us have them for these two weeks, and we have already had so much fun. That being said, we have not stopped keeping our fitness in check. We have made sure they are eating healthy, playing sports EVERY DAY, and have even taken them to an awesome obstacle course we have here in Fort Benning known as the Downing Mile.

The kids just loved running around in the woods, jumping over the obstacles, and climbing across the horizontal ladder. So, we recorded it so that we can share it with you.

The moral of the story is this: no matter how much fun you’re having, you should never make excuses for your health. We have had the best time here, yet we make it a point to do physically taxing activities daily. The Parkers are getting indoctrinated into our values- getting strong, getting smart, so that we can help people – all while making memories which will last for a lifetime.

So, what’s your excuse? Trust me, it’s not good enough. No matter what, get out there, make your families fitness a priority, and get some!

Here’s the video. We hope you enjoy!

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Be your kids HERO, one memory at at time!

The other day, my son Caleb expressed to my wife his frustration with the kids at his school. When she asked what the issue was, he said, “No one at school likes the sports that I do!”

My wife then asked what those sports were, he responded “Soccer, and Crossfit”. Amused by this, my wife took the opportunity to ask Caleb to name his favorite athletes…this is what struck home with me.

Caleb responded, “Jason Khalipa, Rich Froning, Kendrick J. Farris, and Daddy”

Now, I’m in no way a world famous athlete, or even an elite level Crossfitter, but I know, in the eyes of my two boys, that I’m a hero.

Today, we took the boys out to walk the Freedom Fitness Trail here at Fort Benning. While there, we talked about life, had a pull-up / toes-to-bar competition, and even went topless (yes, it was that kind of party!). This simple family event was not only free, but I was exactly what the boys needed in their life at the time.

I had recently finished my workout at the gym here on post, drove out to the trail, and ran to catch up with my wife, dog, and two boys. The both of them were waiting to start our competition.

The trail is about two miles long, and had a series of stations that had predetermined exercises which you could do to measure your fitness level. Of course, we all tried the “Champion” exercises which were more difficult than the others. As we’d walk from one station to the other, we would catch up on what’s going on in school, hear about the millions of things you could do on Mine Craft, and talk about the good, bad, and ugly of what happened this past week. But when it was time to “get-it-in”, we would! Pull-ups, uphill sprints, L-sits, and dips were no match for us! Mateo was pulling security the whole time with his “swords”, while Caleb and I had to go topless to deal with the heat (according to Caleb, our guns are fully loaded).

Warrior Family Activities

So, how is it that I made it to the Hero list? One memory at a time.

Growing up, the memories that I had involving my parents usually involved them being at work, or my brother and I going to work with them to lend a helping hand. Though this was necessary, it didn’t really present an example of the type of life I wanted when I got older. Knowing this, my wife and I try to give our kids as many memories as possible. These experiences that we share together are what they will tell their kids about, and will serve as a model for them when it comes to having families of their own.

It’s easy for us to say that we’re tied up at work, and that our days have gotten the best of us. But think towards the future, and what stories your kids will tell about you. Are you the type of person that puts your children second in life? Did you head straight for the couch, crack open a cold one, and watch t.v.?

Forget that! Not us. We’re better than that, and so are you.

When you ask kids who their heroes are, they may tell you its some basketball star, some fictional character in a book, or one of those cool action heroes like Iron Man – but, what about you?

Be proactive in writing your story. Make yourself the person that your kids will remember most in life. Get yourself on that list!

Take your kids to the park, have a wrestling match with them, share one of your childhood memories with them, anything.

Make the effort, do your part, fight to make your family better. This is what we’re all about.

Fight on Friends! – The Warrior Family


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Fitness for Everyone!

Your kids will likely follow your example no matter what it is that you do. Why not lead them toward a life of good health and fitness?

If anything, one of the biggest motivators to getting in shape should be to increase your families quality of life. Here are some of the things that we did to help our kids, and ourselves stay healthy:

After dinner walks:

In Germany, one of our favorite things to do was to take our daily walks right after dinner. This would not only help digestion, but it would also facilitate conversation. I got to know my kids more, and more each time we walked to the park. We would often play tag, make up an obstacle course, and race each other. This type of interaction was important since I had to make up for the 12 or 15 months I would spend in Afghanistan every other year.

Start a club:

When we moved to Fort Benning, GA, I had to start my time as a Drill Sergeant. This meant little to no interaction with my kids or wife, which meant no more amazing after dinner walks. So, one thing my wife did was volunteer as a coach for the schools run club (which was run by another member of The Warrior Family team). This meant the boys, and my wife, would get together with 20-30 elementary school kids, and do sprints, play games, or even run around the neighborhood. The club was so effective that the children would compete at local races, and often win medals! This had an extraordinary effect on their confidence, and their overall fitness level.

Be The Example

I have been a paratrooper in the Army for seven years now. I loved competing in Army functions, and would often do races where my wife would also participate, and my kids would watch. Since 2009, I have been really big into Crossfit, and continually watch instructional videos, or technique ones as well. Recently, my boys asked if I would train them on the Olympic lifts (I have been certified since 2009). I must say, that was one of the most awesome things I have ever felt – to know that my boys want to go beyond the ordinary, and compete at an elite level like they see on the videos I watch. So, we started training:

First, before every time they wanted to play any video game, they owed me two minutes of movement: 5 push ups/5 sit ups/ and five jumps for as many rounds as possible (commonly referred to as an AMRAP). Then, we began developing form, and precise movement patterns. This, my friends, will continue since their motor patterns will change as they grow.

Here is a photo after our handstand push-up competition:

Those two little ones are BEASTS!

Those two little ones are BEASTS!

The boys and I had so much fun!

I would never think that a six, and nine year old would be capable of doing something so complex – they sure did impress me.

Mateo: 5 w/kips

Caleb: 5 w/kips

Dad: 6 stict form

I’ll be honest, if it wasn’t for how interested my wife and kids are in fitness, I probably would have lost my motivation a long time ago. However, since they show so much interest, I will continue to teach, and mentor them to become as strong physically, and intellectually as possible.

Until next time, friends!

Make the effort, do your part, fight to make your family better. This is what we’re all about.

Fight on Friends! – The Warrior Family


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