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Is it too late for change?

Hello everyone! We hope all is well, and that you are constantly pursuing new ways to improve yourselves. This post is about a recent visit from Grandpa, and how he has made some small changes in his daily routines that have made an amazing change in his health! Enjoy!

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My, how things have changed.

Going home to Texas to visit the family…food, beer, laughs, and more food. This seemed to be the daily agenda: enjoy the fact that we were together, splurge on whatever we could, and reminisce on days past. The “splurging”, however, came with its consequences. Every time we’d go home, I would gain about 10 lbs., the Mrs. would complain about the bloat and eczema flare-ups from all the corn (tortillas and pupusas), and leave back to work to work though the added weight. It would work out okay for me, I had the military . This wasn’t the case for my father, though. Continue reading